eCards Implementation Guide

Javascript SDK

Include the following Javascript SDK ilbrary. Make sure you reference the js file from the DËBRAIN servers. Do not include a local copy of the js as the code might get updated.

HTML Markup

Add the following HTML in the containing page wherever you want the eCard functionality to be populated:

When implementing this markup, please make sure that the element that contains the e-card container follows these rules:

  • Make sure the display CSS property is not set to display: grid;. This is known to brake the slider Implementation for mobile devices.
  • Make sure the position CSS property is not set to position: absolut; or position: relative;. This is known to break the ligthbox implementation.

Intialize the eCards

Include the following JS script to populate the eCard functionality:

  • Note: You can use a different container name besides 'ecards-container'. Make sure the class of the HTML tag and the e1 element in the initialization match.


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